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Instructional Resources for Faculty

Find the information you need to plan and teach your courses. If there is an unaddressed procedure, please do not hesitate to let us know so we may update this page.


Submit your course materials to the UC San Diego Bookstore ideally by the end of Week 3 of the previous quarter. The Textbook Department will accept all late submissions, but please note that they may be subject to publisher out-of-stock conditions and other factors that may cause delays.

If you are interested in desk or review copy, please contact the publisher directly. 

Library Course Reserves

Course-related materials can be made available for students through the UCSD Libraries. Place items "on reserve" for a class such as: textbooks, journal articles, videos, book chapters, practice exams, etc.


Educational Technology Services

Educational Technology Services (ETS), formerly ACMS, provides tools, services, and facilities to help manage and/or enhance your courses using technology. 

  • Canvas— the campus-wide Learning Management System
  • Turnitin — originality checking software
  • Classroom Details — find information regarding every classroom and lecture hall (technology, media, seating capacity, lighting, and more)
  • Podcasting — audio and video podcast services to record your lectures
  • Computer labs and software — access to campus labs with licenses for lots of popular software
  • Video production assistance — contact the Media Teaching Lab to coordinate video production resources for your course
  • Virtual Computing Labs — access to specialty software from a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone


Audio Visual Directions for our EDS Conference Rooms


Social Science Computing Facility (SSCF)

The Social Science Computing Facility (SSCF) is a consolidated group that offers a shared computing infrastructure and standard policies to all departments and programs within the Division of Social Sciences. They provide on-site hardware and software assistance to all the end users in the division. Their duties are focused on maintaining laptops and desktop workstations for staff and faculty. Request for support can be sent to:


Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities may request a variety of accommodations that the University is required by law to provide. Students who wish to request an accommodation must provide the instructor with official documentation, signed by the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), describing the required accommodation. The most frequent request is for additional time on exams and/or a quiet location to take an exam.

If a student with a disability contacts you and you cannot accommodate them, please contact our OSD Liaison

Student Enrollment

During the academic year and summer session, instructors should be aware of the following non-UC San Diego students 

  • Concurrent Enrollment- refers to non-UC San Diego students enrolled in UC San Diego courses through University Extension. Extension students do not appear on UC San Diego rosters, but instructors will receive a separate roster in the mail from Extension. However, Extension students are listed on eGrades. Students may approach instructors with a Concurrent Enrollment Form. Instructors may sign the form, but students should be directed to the Education Studies Department main office for the department stamp.
  • Cross Enrollment- refers to California Community College or California State University undergraduate students enrolled in UC San Diego courses. Students will approach instructors with an Application for Cross Enrollment. Instructors are to sign the form, and direct the student to the Education Studies Department main office for the department stamp.
  • Summer Enrollment- Summer session allows a variety of non-UC San Diego students to take courses over the summer. Non-UC San Diego students do not require instructor signature to enroll, however they may not have the necessary prerequisites to enroll and may contact instructors for preauthorization. Please direct these students to our online Preauthorization System.

Class List

Class list can be viewed and downloaded from Blink by clicking on Instruction Tools tab, then click the Class lists link. You have the option to:

  • View class list or wait list 
  • Download class list or wait list (excel file)
  • Email class list or wait list (no attachments allowed)
  • View class photos (from campus ID)
  • Print class roster (PDF)