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  • Christine Chacón

    Christine Chacón

    EDS Major/Minor: EDS major - Pathway 1 (Programs, Policy and Research)

    Workplace: UC San Diego - Seventh College | Assistant Academic Advisor

    Any advice/insight to current UCSD students: Don't be afraid to take your education into your own hands! There’s lots of information at your disposal; you just have to be willing to look for it.


  • Elena Gomez

    Elena Gomez

    EDS Major/Minor: Double Major in Education Sciences (Pathway 3), Language Studies - Spanish, and minor in Writing

    Graduate school & field of study: M.Ed/Single-Subject (Spanish) Credential Program at UCSD

    Workplace: Bonita Vista Middle/Intern Teacher for Native Spanish classes

    Any advice/insight to current UCSD students: "More than anything, the advice I give to current students is to put yourself out there! I would be in a much different place currently if I let my fears and doubts control me; taking the initial step is always scary, but trust me when I say that you will open so many doors and opportunities when you start doing this more often. Take a deep breath, be confident in your decisions, and experience everything that our school, department, and programs have to offer."


  • Steve Anthony Maravillo

    Steve Anthony Maravillo

    EDS Major/Minor: B.S. in Education Sciences - Pathway 1: Programs, Policy and Research 

    Graduate school & field of study: Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction. 

    Workplace: Moving to Bulgaria after recently being named a Finalist for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program where Steve will be representing the United States in educational and cultural exchange for a year.

    Any advice/insight to current UCSD students: "My advice to current UCSD EDS students is to build and strengthen connections between yourselves and Professional EDS Faculty. Mastering networking and outreach skills played important roles in not only excelling in the major, but pursuing incredible opportunities post-undergrad (i.e. The Fulbright Program)."