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Education Studies Student Association (EDSSA)

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UC San Diego students invested in education. Learn more about the students who run the Education Studies Student Association (EDSSA) below.


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EDSSA Instagram: @edssa.ucsd

EDSSA Student Leadership

  •     Joshanne Chiang

        Joshanne Chiang

         Title: Senior Co-Event Planner

         Pronouns: She/Her

         Year: 4th year

         Major/minor: History and EDS (pathway 1), ERC Special Minor

         Career goals: Secondary school history teacher

  •     Michelle Zhao

        Michelle Zhao

         Title: Junior Co-Event Planner

         Pronouns: She/Her

         Year: 3rd year

         Major/minor: EDS and Psychology (Pathway 2), Math Minor

         Career goals: Grad school & teach in the elementary levels or school advisor

  •     Jennifer Becerra

        Jennifer Becerra

         Title: Logistics Coordinator

         Pronouns: She/Her/Ella

         Year: 4th year

         Major/Minor: EDS - Pathway 1 & Sociology

         Career goals: Grad School/Higher ED

  •     Jasmin Amezcua

        Jasmin Amezcua

         Title: Co-Continuation Executive

         Pronouns: She/Her 

         Year: 3rd year

         Major/Minor: General Biology Major and Science Education Minor 

         Career goals: Highschool Biology teacher

  •     Talia Daghighian

        Talia Daghighian

         Title: Co-Continuation Executive

         Pronouns: she/her

         Year: 2nd year

         Major/Minor: Chemistry Major, Science Education Minor

         Career goals: Grad school and become a high school chemistry teacher.

  •     Kassie Velasquez

        Kassie Velasquez

         Title: Communications Chair

         Pronouns: Any pronouns

         Year: 4th year

         Major/Minor: Psychology Major, EDS Minor (Pathway 2)

         Career goals: Grad school to elementary school teacher