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UC Graduate Research Advocacy Day

Congratulations to Tracey Kiser, 4th year Ed.D. Teaching and Learning student for being selected to represent UCSD at the seventh annual UC Graduate Research Advocacy Day at the state capital on Wednesday, March 16. Tracey's Dissertation Title is Their Math Stories: Student and Teacher Characterizations of Freshmen Accelerated Developmental Math. Her project is part of a larger study entitled Plugging leaks in the developmental math pipeline in the community college math sequence. Tracey will assist in UC San Diego’s overall goal to engage with legislators and their staff about their research projects, and how and why they make a difference for the lives of Californians and beyond.

Adam Ramirez ’15 receives Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Fellowship

KSTF Teaching Fellowships are among the most comprehensive in the nation, combining extensive financial and professional support.The foundation’s signature program, the KSTF Teaching Fellows Program, awards Fellowships to early-career science and mathematics teachers.

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