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Education Studies Student Association (EDSSA)


UCSD students invested in education. Learn more about EDSSA below.

EDSSA Student Leadership

  •  Jennifer Becerra

    Jennifer Becerra

    Title: Co-Continuation Executive
    Year: 2nd 
    Major/Minor: Sociology with a Minor in EDS
    Career goals:
    My intended plans are to continue working in education. Specifically, working with students in administration or program coordination to help students succeed in higher education. I would also love to make use of my skills in social work and apply that to helping college students on their individual paths. 
  • Alex Piña

    Alex Piña

    Title: Junior Co-Event Planner
    Year: 3rd
    Major/Minor: Spanish Linguistics Major and Education Sciences Major (Pathway 3)
    Career goals: I hope to attend the M.Ed. and credential program here at UCSD and then teach high school Spanish, English (as a second language), or bilingual education.
  • Crystal Campos

    Crystal Campos

    Title: Communications Chair
    Year: 4th
    Major/Minor: Educational Science/ Human Developmental Science
    Career goals: My overall career goal is to work with children, specifically as an elementary school teacher. 
  • Elena Lizette Gomez

    Elena Lizette Gomez

    Title: Senior Co-Event Planner
    Year: 4th year
    Major/Minor: Education Sciences B.S., Language Studies B.A., Minor in Writing
    Career goals: Currently, I have just accepted my admittance into the UCSD M.Ed and Credential program, and hope to become certified for teaching Spanish at the secondary level. During or after this period, I also hope to receive my bilingual educator certification as well as a single-subject credential in Math to hopefully aid students who are struggling in math due to language barriers. In the far future, I want to move further in education and work in policy, specifically making curriculum.
  • John Pangilinan

    John Pangilinan

    Title: Co-Continuation Executive
    Year: 3rd
    Major/Minor: Education Sciences Major, Psychology Minor
    Career goals: I want to become a high school college and career counselor
  • Becca Lim

    Becca Lim

    Title: Logistics Coordinator
    Year: 4th
    Double Major: Psychology & EDS Pathway 1
    Career goals: Still taking time to figure out what I want to do long-term! I hope to pursue a career in education, where I can help advance equity in diverse communities by supporting students' social and emotional needs in school.