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Andrew Phuong

Assistant Professor

Andrew Estrada Phuong is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Studies at the University of California, San Diego. He earned a Master's degree from Harvard University and a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley.

Phuong leverages randomized controlled trials and multilevel regression modeling to co-design and study innovations that prioritize equitable and anti-racist practices. He studies how adaptive equity-oriented pedagogies and faculty development strategies reduce stereotype threat and enhance students’ academic achievement and psychosocial outcomes (e.g., motivation, self-efficacy, sense of belonging, sense of community). He has published his research and has mobilized it to lead pedagogy courses, student success programs, diversity initiatives, and pedagogical and professional development programs.

Previously at UC Berkeley, he taught STEM pedagogy courses and worked as a core instructor and co-manager for the award-winning Equity-Oriented Advising and Coaching Program. His work with campus-wide programs and pedagogy courses, informed by his research, has been recognized by multiple awards including the Teaching Effectiveness Award (2021), the Outstanding Peer Advisor, Mentor, Counselor, or Ambassador Award (2021), the Service to the Advising and Student Services Community Award (2022), and the 2023 Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Team Award. 

Committed to organizational transformation, he leverages multilevel modeling and qualitative research to explain how instructor professional development innovations increase the adoption of inclusive and anti-racist practices. In over a dozen college STEM courses in disciplines such as Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics, and Statistics, his research has demonstrated that adaptive equity-oriented professional development enhances instructors' inclusive teaching competencies and their students’ success at scale.  

Phuong has provided consultation to senior administrators, faculty developers, faculty, graduate and undergraduate instructors, managers, counselors, advisors, business professionals, and K-16 teachers. He has identified ways to reduce assessment bias and has conducted design-based implementation research with students and instructors in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and STEM. He also studies student success programs, student development and wellness, learning technologies, career development, navigating the PK-30+ pipeline, counseling and advising practices, and social-emotional competencies. Using multiple linear regression, he collaboratively identified practices that significantly increased students’ progress towards their personal and professional goals. He has presented his work both domestically and internationally. Phuong was a recipient of a Chancellor’s Fellowship at UC Berkeley, a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, and multiple grants from organizations such as the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education.

Phuong’s scholarly work received media coverage in a Times Higher Education article and subsequently became the focus of another Times Higher Education article. As a researcher-practitioner, Phuong equips college leaders, instructors, counselors, and staff with equity-oriented and anti-racist strategies that have advanced student engagement, success, and sense of belonging. UC San Diego Today has called Phuong “The Teaching Transformer.”

Dr. Phuong teaches undergraduate and graduate courses that cover topics such as research design; introductory and advanced quantitative methods; measurement and assessment bias analyses; social justice and organizational change in education; learning sciences; adaptive equity-oriented pedagogy; and equity-oriented advising, coaching, counseling, and mentoring. Phuong also served on the Hispanic Serving Institution Taskforce at UC Berkeley. He will also collaborate with the Chicanx Latinx Studies Program (CLS) and the Latin American Studies Program (LAS) in developing new undergraduate courses. 

For fun, Phuong embarks on food excursions, travel, and raps with a T. Rex he built