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Ung-Sang Lee

Post-Doctoral Researcher

My work is driven by the understanding that schools advance racial justice and equity when we support the participation of school stakeholders, especially students and families from minoritized backgrounds, in vertical collaborations to design and learn for school improvement. My research examines how school stakeholders learn to collaboratively center justice and equity in their practices through multi-stakeholder design and improvement partnerships. More specifically, I connect three related areas of study, examining: 1) how organizational learning for racial justice occurs through distributed leadership in K-12 schools that respond to the knowledge and needs of minoritized school stakeholders; 2) what kind of methodological advances in research-practice partnerships (RPPs) facilitate systematic, participatory knowledge-building for racial justice in schools; and 3) how technology-mediated educational practices can be designed and implemented to center the context-specific assets, knowledge, and needs of school stakeholders. As a Postdoctoral Fellow at UCSD, I serve as the primary research-practice partnership methodologist for the project, ClassInSight: Insight on Teacher Learning by Scaffolding Noticing and Reflection, funded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation, and facilitate the partnership between two school districts, 24 teachers, and three universities. Through this project I examine, with my university and school district colleagues, how teachers design for, and reflect on, science classroom discussion using classroom talk data prepared with natural language processing tools.