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Megan Hopkins

Chair I Professor

Dr. Megan Hopkins’ research focuses on policy and leadership with a specific emphasis on the education of multilingual learner students in the K-12 education system. Over the last decade, she has engaged in numerous applied research projects that examine the implementation of state policies related to bilingual education programming and the preparation of teachers of multilingual learners. She co-leads a research-practice partnership that leverages and conducts research to build state education agency leaders’ capacity to advance equity for multilingual learners in their unique contexts. Dr. Hopkins serves as co-advisor to the English Learner Collaborative of the Council of Chief State School Officers, the largest professional association for state education agency leaders in the country. Her work has been published widely in the form of academic journal articles, books, and policy reports and briefs.


University of California, Los Angeles, 2011
Education (Specialization in Urban Schooling)
Cognate in Public Policy


Harvard University, 2006

International Education Policy


Indiana University, 2002


Representative publications are listed below. For a more complete list, please visit Google Scholar.

Hopkins, M., & Gautsch, L. (2023). Addressing English learner teacher shortages: Strategies for state education agency leaders. Council of Chief State School Officers.

Hopkins, M., Weddle, H., Lavadenz, M., Murillo, M. A., & Vahdani, T. (2022). Examining the English learner policy ecology: How educators navigated the provision of designated English language development (ELD) support at the secondary level. Peabody Journal of Education, 97(1), 47-61.

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Hopkins, M., Weddle, H., Bjorklund, Jr., P., Umansky, I. M., & Dabach, D. B. (2021). “It’s created by a community”: Local context mediating districts’ approaches to serving immigrant and refugee newcomers. AERA Open, 7(1), 1-13.

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Dr. Hopkins teaches courses across the undergraduate and graduate programs in Education Studies focused on bilingual education, education policy, and qualitative and quantitative research methods.