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Amy Eguchi

Teaching Professor (LSOE)

Dr. Amy Eguchi is a Teaching Professor (LSOE) in the Department of Education Studies. 

Amy holds her M.A. in Child Development from Pacific Oaks College, Ed.M. in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Ph.D. in Education from the University of Cambridge. She possesses a wealth of experience as a teacher and leader in technologically enhanced education to promote students’ STEM+C learning, with particular focus on educational robotics, computer science (CS) education and AI in K12. Her professional background and experience focuses on providing better STEM+C learning opportunities for all students including underprivileged and female students. Her research and projects focus on enhancing student learning with a transdisciplinary approach using various technologies including educational robotics and digital fabrication tools. 

Since 2000, Amy has been involved in RoboCupJunior, an international organization promoting robotics, CS and AI among young generations as the technical committee and organizing committee members, as well as the co-chair and general chair, in international, national, and local levels. In addition, she served as the Vice President of RoboCup Federation representing RoboCupJunior for six years and is a member of the RoboCup Federation Board of Trustees.

As an educator, Amy has an extensive experience using educational robotics as a learning tool both with students and teachers in K-12 setting. In addition, she facilitated an advanced robotics club and coding with Python club at The School at Columbia University. Her RoboCupJunior Dance team was the RoboCupJunior Dance World Champion, and SuperTeam Champion at RoboCup 2008, Suzhou, China.

Amy also serves as the Chairperson of World Robot Summit – World Robot Challenge Junior Category which aims to provide unique opportunities for students from around the world to imagine robots coexisting in their everyday life, create and realize their dream collaboration with robots in their everyday setting, either at home or school. The World Robot Challenge Junior Category attracts young roboticists who are interested in programming and/or engineering robots to become active users and creators of future robots.

Amy takes part in the AI for K-12 initiative, jointly sponsored by AAAI and CSTA, as an advisory group member, working collaboratively with K-12 classroom teachers teaching CS who also took part in the development of the 2017 CSTA standards.