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Alan J. Daly


Alan graduated from Clark University with a BA in Psychology, received a MS in Counseling from San Diego State University, and a MA and Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership and Organizations from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Over the last 15 years, Alan has held a wide variety of positions in public education ranging from classroom teacher to district psychologist to site administrator. In addition to his K-12 public education experience, Alan has most recently been the Program Director for the Center for Educational Leadership and Effective Schools at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he collaboratively supported the delivery of high quality services and research to 5 school districts focusing on the rigorous examination of strengths, building leadership capacity, and facilitating the potential of systems for transformation.

Alan has presented at the local, state, and national level around conflict mediation, the creation and maintenance of positive school cultures, and the impact of current accountability structures. As a licensed educational psychologist, he has also provided consultation to school districts working to build and sustain systemic leadership capacity, district reform, and implementation of adult and student conflict mediation systems. Alan’s research interests include social capital, the analysis of social networks, trust, educational policy, and the building of strengths-based systems of support.


  • Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership and Organizations. University of California, Santa Barbara, 2004.
  • Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Educational Administration. University of California, Santa Barbara, 2001.
  • Masters of Science in Counseling with an emphasis in Multicultural Counseling and School Psychology. San Diego State University, 1995.
  • Bachelor of Arts, in Psychology with Concentrations in Education and Philosophy. Clark University, 1988


  • Administrative Services Clear Credential
  • Professional Clear Pupil Personnel Services Credential with School Psychology Specialization
  • California State Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
  • Massachusetts State Elementary Education Credential Life.
  • Licensed Educational Psychologist, License Number 2553
  • California Certified Mediator

Selected Publications

Daly, A. J., Der Martirosian, C., Ong-Dean, C., Park, V. & Wishard, A. (Forthcoming). Leading Under Sanction: Principals’ Perceptions of Threat-Rigidity, Efficacy, and Leadership in Underperforming Schools. Leadership and Policy in Schools. 

Daly, A. J., & Finnigan, K.  (In press). The Ebb and Flow of Social Network Ties between District Leaders Under High Stakes Accountability. American Education Research Journal.

Ibarra, L, Santamaria, A., Lindsey, D., & Daly, A. J.  (2010). From Compliance to Transformation. ACSA Leadership. Volume 39(5), 32-36.

Daly, A. J. (Editor) (2010).  Social Network Theory and Educational Change.  Cambridge MA, Harvard Education Press.

Moolenaar, N., Daly, A., & Sleegers, P.  (In Press). Ties with Potential: Social Network Structure and Innovation in Dutch Schools.  Teachers College Record.

Daly, A. J., & Moolenaar, N. (In Press). Leadership and Social Networks. In G. Barnett & G. Golson (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Social Networking. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 

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Avery, C., & Daly, A. J.  (2010). Promoting Equitable Educational Outcomes for High-Risk College Students: The Roles of Social Capital and Resilience.  Journal of Equity in Education, Volume 1(1), 359-391.

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Alan Daly's New Book

Social Network Theory and Educational Change
Edited by Alan J. Daly
Foreword by Judith Warren Little
Published by Harvard Education Press