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Thandeka K. Chapman


Dr. Thandeka K. Chapman has a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Dr. Chapman’s work focuses on schooling outcomes of desegregation policies in urban and suburban districts. Chapman conducts research with teachers and students in urban and racially diverse settings to examine and resolve the ways in which institutional racism is manifested in school climate, curriculum, adult and student relationships, and school policies. Under the umbrella of research in urban and racially diverse settings, Chapman also researches teaching and learning writing in secondary classrooms. Chapman employs her research findings to assist districts and traditional and charter schools in alleviating barriers to student learning, and developing policies, teaching practices, and curricula that better serve the social and academic needs of all students. Chapman has published in the areas of English education, qualitative inquiry, critical race theory, urban education, and multicultural education. Chapman co-edited Social Justice Pedagogy: The Practice of Freedom (2010), and The History of Multicultural Education (2008), a six volume book set chronicling the development of multicultural education in the U.S. through influential articles.