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Anita Caduff

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Anita is a Postdoctoral Scholar with the SOSNetLab, a research and development project. SOSNetLab designs, builds, and researches tools and processes that reimagine knowledge mobilization using the power of social networks to expand equitable opportunities for all learners. Before earning her PhD in Education from UC San Diego, she worked as a middle school teacher in Switzerland (where she was born and raised), as a German language teacher in the United States, and did voluntary work in a kindergarten, daycare, and a middle school in Togo.

Anita is a mixed-methods scholar who uses social network analysis and comparative cross-national research methodologies to refine theory, learn about best practices, and generate new insights to improve education towards more equity and social justice. Her research interests include (a) opportunities and outcomes of immigrant-origin secondary school students and (2) how to bridge research, policy, and practice. 

For her cross-national and mixed-methods dissertation, she studied immigrant-origin middle school students’ educational experiences and social networks, and how these shape their opportunities and aspirations in the United States and Switzerland.

For more information on current research, visit: