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Frequently Asked Questions

M.Ed. Multiple Subject / M.Ed. Single Subject / MA-ASL Program

What are the fees/tuition for the M.Ed. or MA-ASL programs?

Student Fees/Tuition are subject to change and are based on the Proposed Tuition/Fee Chart of each given year. The information included may be different by the start of the program.

Each chart is designed to give you a total unit count and the approximate full amount of fees expected under your particular program. Our students are expected to be full time students each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring). During Summer Session, fees are paid by unit. Click here for more details. 

A detailed breakdown of the Graduate Student Fees/Tuition can be found here

Below is a breakdown of the fee structure for each one of our programs. Please note that at any time, fees are subject to change:

Please note:

  • Nonresident Tuition is approximately $5,000 extra per quarter. Summer Session Fees are the same for either category.
  • Bilingual Authorization Program (BLA) Note:
    • M.Ed./Multiple Subject candidates fulfilling the BLA requirements will take an additional 4 units. These courses are already included in the regular quarter full time fees: Fall: 352A (2 units), Winter: 352B (2 units).
    • M.Ed./Single Subject candidates fulfilling the BLA requirements will also take an additional 4 units. These courses are Fall: 352A (2 units), Summer: 352B (2 units). The 2 unit increase during summer will incur additional fees during the summer session of the second year of the program.

What financial aid is available?

When does the M.Ed. or MA-ASL program start?

See below for approximate start dates for each program

Single Subject 2nd Year: Professional Program

Single Subject 1st Year: Foundations September
Multiple Subject Summer Intensive Program June
Multiple Subject 2nd Year: Professional Program August
MA-ASL Program June

The orientation date and specific information for each program is sent as soon as admissions are final.

How does the program choose the schools to work with? What are the schools like (community, mission statement, etc.)?

We have formed partnerships with school districts throughout San Diego county, focusing on those schools which have a demonstrated record of success for students who are underrepresented in postsecondary education.

These schools are located primarily in urban settings, but also include suburban and rural areas where there are populations of low-income families and/or concentrations of English learners. Our program has long been committed to rigorous education in the service of a social justice and equity, viewing students' home language and cultural experiences as a resource for teaching and learning.

Our students are placed in both public and charter school settings. All of our lecturer/supervisors are experienced elementary teachers with strong networks in the local educational community.

What are the placements like for the multiple subject program?

All candidates will have two placements in elementary school classrooms. The first placement lasts for 20 weeks, during fall and winter quarters, and the second placement takes place during spring quarter (10 weeks).

Candidates implement activities from their methods courses in their placement classrooms, and each placement includes a substantial block of full-time student teaching.

What is the success rate of UC San Diego EDS graduate finding teaching jobs?

Our graduates continue to be highly sought out by local public school employers due to the high quality of our candidates and the rigor of the preparation that we provide. All of our lecturer/supervisors are experienced classroom teachers with extensive professional ties to Districts across San Diego county, and our network also includes partnerships with key Districts who serve on our advisory boards and place our candidates as teachers after graduation. In fact, our cadre of cooperating teachers who mentor candidates include a large number of our graduates. Thus, we do have a strong network of both formal and informal connections, and our faculty work with the students during the program on preparing for interviews.

EDS faculty actively help candidates seek employment, through formal activities in seminar including help with writing resumes and applications, as well as preparing for interviews. Guest speakers from local districts, including principals and EDS alumni, participate in these seminars. Candidates are provided with information about local job fairs, on campus or in the local community. Finally, through the professional networks maintained by our faculty and alumni, our candidates are often recruited by district and school administrators.

Will I need a car?

A car is definitely recommended, although public transportation is an option as well. Some school site placements can be 30-45 minutes from UC San Diego Campus.

Undergraduate Advising is available via the VAC.

1-to-1 meetings are also available via phone or zoom.

Please send us a message to

to request a phone or zoom appointment.

Phone: (858) 534-4851

Remote office hours:

Monday- Friday, 8:00 am- 4:30 pm until further notice.

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