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Gabrielle Jones

Director of MA-ASL English Bilingual Education Program/Assistant Professor

Dr. Jones taught elementary and middle school education for 8 years in an ASL based classroom, where sign language was the language of instruction. She joined the Center for ASL and English Bilingual Education Research (CAEBER) first as a trainee then as a mentor to other teaching colleagues at the Kendall Demonstration Elementary School in Washington, D.C. In 2008, Gabrielle decided to move to University of Illinois so that she could study the acquisition of reading in Chinese and be trained by researchers who specialize in visual language learning.Gabrielle was awarded a three-year doctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning. Through this fellowship, she conducted interview research, both in the States and abroad, with Deaf Chinese Adults exploring their school and literacy experiences.

In 2013, Dr. Jones received her PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the Cognitive Science of Teaching and Learning division. She was an assistant professor at Boston University before accepting an appointment at UCSD. It is her personal multilingualism and longstanding interest in cross-linguistic studies that became the catalyst for her research of how deaf children learn to read foreign scripts. As such, Dr. Jones fits remarkably well with current interests in the Department and will play a valuable role in advancing possible broader campus initiatives. Dr. Jones has experienced a promising start to her teaching career and reports indicate that she takes her position as an educator very seriously and is dedicated to the success of each one of her students. At UCSD Dr. Jones will teach undergraduate and graduate courses on Bilingual Education as well as supervise MA/ASL students.

W ellesley College - MA, Russian Area Studies

Dr. Jones graduated from W ellesley College with an MA in Russian Area Studies

Westminster Seminary - MA, Religion

Dr. Jones received her MA in Religion from Westminster Seminary

University of Southern California - MS, Education

Dr. Jones received her MS in Education from University of Southern California. Upon receiving her teaching credential (K-12) and a Masters degree from the University of Southern California.

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