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Honoring the Chrispeels

In 2010, in recognition of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of UC San Diego, Professor Emeritus of Education Janet Chrispeels and her husband Maarten Chrispeels, Professor Emeritus of Biology, created a Fellowship to provide support for graduate students in Education Studies as part of the campus’ Invent the Future Campaign. This Fellowship is targeted toward students with experience in serving low income/under-served communities and who demonstrate the desire as well as leadership skills to address issues of social and educational inequities.

Past and current recipients of the Chrispeels Fellowship from the last 7 years shared a wonderful evening recently telling their stories and the impact that the fellowship has had on not only their lives but also how they were able to further help in supporting social justice and equity in schools and communities.  The recounting of these stories of success was quite inspiring and further shows the positive impact that this Fellowship has had since its inception.

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American Sign Language - English Bilingual Education, Teaching & Learning Fellowship

To support current expenditure fellowships for students who are:

  1. Pursuing an M.A. in Teaching and Leaming: American Sign Language-English Bilingual Education
  2. Pursuing a PhD in Education related to the education of deaf children and youth

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